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Prebid- Ad Engine

Real header bidding solution

This is an advanced programmatic technique developed for publishers to receive bids directly from almost 100 demand partners at the same time, ensuring the highest winning bid on each and every auction.

Some Features

eCPMS improved by 40%-70%

Fill rate increased almost 60% than what publishers had before

Creates perfect balance between revenue and user experience, by monitoring crucial factors such as speed and latency.

Elevates the number and visibility of advertisers participating in the auction, meaning more transparency on the demand stalk

Major control and monitoring of Ad unit’s performance

How it works

Integration Blueprint

  1. Add a few lines of ads.txt lines on your website.
  2. Send us your placements sizes.
  3. Our ways to connect are easy and lightweight.
    1. We can send you Javascript tags directly from our prebid server
      • You can add it on your page.
      • If that is not possible, you can add us on any ad serving you are using (Google ADX, Xandr, etc).
    2. We can add ourselves as a Bidder on your current Header BiddingPrebid JS Setup.

360 Inventory Monetization

We support all ad formats and available channels.

Our bidding technology contains demand for all types of media and devices. Display, native, audio, Video & Connected TVs.
This way we create a highly competitive, real-time auction for each individual Ad impression.
Keep growing your revenue while ensuring an engaging user experience.

Some of our partners


House of Pubs offers local & multilingual sites. This empowers brands to execute advanced missions to achieve a better audience, creating the best opportunities to interact with consumers at the right place and right time.

Quality publisher targeting

You can access more than 200 sites, build a custom list of any contextual category that you would like to appear.

Visionary formats

You can choose what kind of format and device to target. It could be video, audio, banner, or rich media.

Safety inventory

We are integrated via HUMAN (before WhitOpS)  top industry verification tool, which can give you 100% security of the inventory you are buying from.

Ads.txt support

Since  we are the authorized seller of premium ad inventory, we can offer premium solutions.

IAB compliance

To offer better solutions we work in line with all the latest IAB recommendations.

Real time ROI

You will have access to our dashboard with real time analytics so you can check every 30 seconds all the live metrics.

Dedicated team 24/7

You will be assigned an account manager,  making  sure to reply to all your questions  within 24 hours.

Our advertising partners

Programmatic Trading

House of Publishers operates its own OpenRTB Exchange and other third-party platforms as well for the trading of Ads on formats like CTV, Mobile Apps, display inventory & Audio formats.

We support all IAB mandatory parameters and can connect with Endpoints, VAST and Javascript tags with Partners both as DSP & SSP. We’re integrated with industry leading partners for IVT like Pixelate, Protected Media & Human,in order to safeguard our Advertisers campaigns.

We work with premium partners, aggregators, trading desks & exchanges to achieve strategic goals ranging from high quality Inventory, Increasing Performance, Precision targeting and disruptive creatives.Our oRTB Systems are compatible with IAB compliances such as TCF 2.0, Sellers.json, Ads.txt, CCPA, US Privacy and others.

Drive value across the programmatic chain

HOP is a source of higher quality traffic for demand partners, and of more revenue for  supply partners.  Our Technology provides better matches with fewer unfilled requests, improving fill rates and getting the most out of QPS limits.

Choosing HOP for Programmatic gives you

Dedicated AM and expert monetization per Account

Ensure User Privacy (Support for GDPR & CCPA)

Data Centers WorldWide (US-East, US-West, APAC, EU)

Compliances Followed by IAB for oRTB Version 2.5

Quality Publishers & Supply Partners

Industry Leading Anti-Fraud Scanners Support (WhiteOps, Pixelate, Protected Media)

Future Proof Advertising:

HOP takes care of any upcoming changes in the Ad-Tech Arena, whether it’s Buyers.json, sellers.json , TCF, GDPR, Cookie-Less Browsing or any other IAB Mandates. We’re always in the loop to keep our Advertising Ecosystem compatible with any Future Marketing Needs.
We’re integrated with only reputable demand partners, who are trying to achieve the best combination of Technology & aspire to keep Ad-Tech secure & transparent for its Publishers, ensuring them a perfect balance between higher eCPMs/Earnings & smooth advertising experience for its Users.


House of Pubs offers local & multilingual sites. This empowers brands to execute advanced missions to achieve a better audience, creating the best opportunities to interact with consumers at the right place and right time.


House of Publishers (HOP) was established in 2016 with the mission of helping content owners, webmasters and developers to develop and execute better monetization strategies.


Malena Martos

Malena Martos

Network Manager

Sagar Kapoor

Sagar Kapoor

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ines Viegener

Ines Viegener

Business Development Manager

Tomas Castro

Tomas Castro

Jr. Account Manager

Ailin Liu

Ailin Liu

Ad Ops specialist


We have your back on AdOps, trafficking and sales strategy.
Your success in Ad monetization is our goal.

Expertise is the key

Our team background is on the publisher side. You will have the most talented team advising you on Optimizations, demand on boarding, sales strategy, bidding rules.

Multi-channel & creativity

You will have access to all kinds of formats, from Banners, to Native, Audio, High Impact , Video InRead, native CTV, Sticky, floating, among others. You also have the possibility of developing any custom creatives.

Consent Management Enabled (GDPR/CCPA)

We can help you to automate your Consent Management Process / Cookie-Less Transition (Unified ID).

360 Device Coverage

Desktop, Tablets, Mobile, Connected Television, audio.

Real Time and unified reporting

You will have access to a dashboard to check real time biddings, as long as in-Depth Reports for Daily Revenue with metrics like UTM, Device, Country ,etc

Efficient latency

Ultra-Fast AdLoad Speed using closest Geo-Allocated Prebid Server (Data Centers: US-East, Mumbai, Latam and Frankfurt)

“House of Pubs assisted us with understanding our potential by augmenting promotion positions and income, while guaranteeing the format of the site remained extremely satisfying. The information on their labor force and the nature of their advertisements has taken our business to an unheard of level”

Ankur Jha – Branded Content Specialist- The logical Indian

“We have developed a great partnership with House of Pubs and their dedication is evident. I sincerely appreciate their personalized attention to detail and logical approach in each step. Their team deserves a special mention! They quickly identify and take action on any roadblocks across our growth cycle. It’s been over half a year now and they have become an integral part of our team.”

Rishi Kushwaha- Ad operation Specialist- Entrepreneur.com

“HOP's has an integral team, where they give you not only technical support, but also outstanding performance, quality advice, and a plus of amazing people. Their goals are aligned with what`s best for us and that made the difference! “

Rakesh Sharma- Digital Marketing Manager- Downtoearth.org.in

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